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City Tap House Grand Opening Party – Boston, MA

city tap house boston

Last night I visited City Tap House in Fort Point for their Grand Opening party. They specialize in upscale pub food as well as having basically a million beers on tap (#brand.)  City Tap House also has locations in Philly, Read more…

7 Pizza Stories That Will Give You All The Feels

1. Papa John’s Grandma Welfare Check  Anybody who’s got grandparents still living off the grid can relate to this one – after Hurricane Matthew hit Florida, an elderly woman was unable to contact her family since she didn’t have a cell Read more…

An Open Letter to Pizzagate Believers

Dear Pizzagate conspiracy nuts, Get off of the computer. Have a cold glass of water and most importantly STOP SHOOTING UP AND THREATENING PIZZA RESTAURANTS. The fact that somebody actually went to Comet Ping Pong and fired shots is infuriating, but Read more…

Bertucci’s 35th Anniversary Party

A few weeks ago, I was invited to celebrate Bertucci’s 35th anniversary at a dinner with their original Chef, Rosario Del Nero! I’ve grown up always living near Bertucci’s restaurants, but I had no idea that the first location was Read more…

The Pizza Lover Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year when you’re wondering, “WTF presents do I get the pizza lover in my life?” Luckily, you’ve come to the right place!

Why I Do NOT Want To Be The Pizza Hut All-American

Pizza Hut is looking for a sports and pizza loving person to hire as their “Pizza Hut All-American.” The lucky new employee gets to travel the country going to sports championships and eating pizza. Sounds like they’d be living the dream, Read more…

The Pizza Blonde Workout Plan

With the average Neapolitan margherita pizza weighing in at about 500-600 calories, it’s good to know what you need to do to offset your delicious meal. Let’s be real, life is too short to not eat pizza.

Pepperoni Power Rankings

Pepperoni is literally ranked as America’s favorite pizza topping, and for good reason. They’re spicy and greasy and absolutely delicious. However, not all types of pepperoni are created equal.

My 21st Birthday Domino’s Delivery Miracle

Sitting there on a chair was a Domino’s Heat Wave delivery bag, filled with 3 warm pizzas, and no delivery person to be found.