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An Open Letter to Pizzagate Believers


Dear Pizzagate conspiracy nuts,

Get off of the computer. Have a cold glass of water and most importantly STOP SHOOTING UP AND THREATENING PIZZA RESTAURANTS. The fact that somebody actually went to Comet Ping Pong and fired shots is infuriating, but even worse, that isn’t the end of it. Roberta’s is getting threats too, along with other pizza places across the country… all because people are idiots. Trust me, nobody is using hugely famous restaurants to hide sex slaves. It’s not surprising that if you believe the pizzagate rumors are true, you are also too stupid to realize you are being trolled by teenagers across the world who are raking in cash every time you click on their false news articles about this completely made up story. Just because people tweeted that Ted Cruz was the Zodiac Killer, didn’t make it true. Just because Jay Z likes Roberta’s, doesn’t make it a part of the illuminati. Stop taking anything that fits your political views as gospel, and get a life.

-Pizza Blonde

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