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The Pizza Blonde Workout Plan


The key to any pizza heavy diet is that you should work out at least once in a while. Not shockingly, when I’m at my skinniest it’s while I’m training for a race, and when I gain a few pounds it’s because I trade the gym in for wine/pizza/TV nights.

With the average Neapolitan margherita pizza weighing in at about 500-600 calories, it’s good to know what you need to do to offset your delicious meal. Let’s be real, life is too short to not eat pizza. Without further ado, here is the Pizza Blonde Workout Plan outlining how much pizza your favorite workouts burn.

All calorie information is from MyFitnessPal, and based on a weight of 150 lbs. Obviously this information is not accurate for everyone, so if you want specific data just go to the link & enter in your actual weight!


Say you run 3 miles at about a 10 minute pace, totaling 30 min of activity. You’d burn 340 calories, so maybe 2/3 of the pizza you’re trying to offset. You’d need to run about 4.5 miles to completely offset the pizza – a little more than what most people usually do as a casual weekday workout.


Spinning is fun because the music is almost always really good, so you almost forget that you’re getting a kickass workout. I usually go for the 45 min classes, which include 40 min of actual spinning. This is a grand total of 318 calories, so you’re looking at closer to half of the Neapolitan pizza.

Strength Training

In order to stay balanced, you should lift some weights every now and then. While it’s good for your overall health and fitness, you aren’t burning too many calories according to my calculator – just 102, or less than a slice. Maybe share the pizza on strength training days!


Barre so hard, right? Maybe not. I’ve never been to a barre class personally, but according to my research, a one hour class only burns 204 calories, or about 1/3 of the pizza. While this class will tone you up, it might not be the best call if you want to keep eating pizza to your heart’s content.


Sorry, Yogis – an hour of yoga apparently is much better for your mind & soul than it is for your pizza habit. A one hour class will burn off about one slice of pizza – 170 calories.

Moral of the story? When it comes to burning off pizza, cardio heavy workouts are king. I prefer running, but spinning could work too. If those aren’t your jam, just find someone to share your pizza with. No hot bod is worth a life without pizza.

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