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Pizza Palace – Norwood, MA

Pizza Palace Norwood finally ended my hunt for a really good New York style pizza in the suburbs near where I live and work. When I worked in downtown Boston I really loved Pavia for a solid cheese slice, but I haven’t really found anything comparable to their slices close to my new job.

At a loss of where to start with so many small family-run places around, I asked my Instagram followers for recommendations, and Pizza Palace Norwood came up several times.

The first time I ordered Pizza Palace Norwood, I swung by and got a small cheese pizza to-go while I was running errands on my lunch break. It was perfectly hot when I picked it up. The cheese was gooey but not messy, and really tasty. The sauce could have used a little more of a kick, in my opinion, but I’m sure that some dried oregano on top would help out. The crust is thin and crispy, but holds its own under the generous toppings.

My second time at Pizza Palace Norwood, on another errand run, I said “why not” and ordered their Philly pizza. It has the same thin and crispy crust as my cheese pizza did, but in lieu of sauce, there was a generous helping of American cheese melted into piles of shaved steak. It was delicious. Apparently they’re famous for their buffalo chicken calzones, and I can only imagine how decadent that must be.


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