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Pavia – Financial District, Boston, MA


As some of you might have heard, today is Admin Professionals Appreciation Day (or something along those lines.) It was also someone’s birthday at work. SO WE ORDERED PIZZA FOR LUNCH! Unexpected free pizza is hard to mess up. We ordered some delivery from Pavia, who we’ve had cater parties before. They brought over the usual spread of pizzas, salad, and mini cannolis. I had a slice of pepperoni (duh.) 

Pavia’s pepperoni pizza is solid. It isn’t my favorite type of pizza but I sure don’t hate it either. It’s actually pretty similar to Sal’s, but I would call Pavia the better of the two. The pepperoni and cheese are similar to what you’d see on Greek pizza. The sauce was tart but also had chunks of tomato that I didn’t like. The crust, like the pizza overall, is solid. Nothing special, not too floppy, but not stiff like Regina’s either.


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