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Pequod’s – Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL


In Chicago, the third time was the charm when it came to pizza. We made a stop at Hot Doug’s prior to this, so the bf could get a hot dog, and then made the drive to get me some real good pizza. 

This pizza was lighter on the cheese than Lou’s. The sauce was not as chunky, had more spice to it. The sauce wasn’t excessively poured on. The pepperonis layered on top covered almost every open inch on the pizza- great stuff. The crust was soooooooo good, like a pie crust, but the base part was thicker and airy. Now, what Pequod’s is famous for… the carmelized cheese on the handle part of the crust. This was the shit. I’ve only ever had it before like this on the edge of Pizza Hut’s cheese sticks. It was so good. I wish we had something like it in Boston. The pizza didn’t come with grated Parmesan on top, but I added some and loved it. This was hands down the best pizza we had in Chicago.


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