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Totino’s Pepperoni Party Pizza

I looooove Totino’s party pizzas! Believe it or not I never tried them until senior year of high school. I’d get them because they cost like a dollar at Walmart, but they’re bigger than the comparably priced Celeste. You get Read more…

Screamin’ Sicilian I’m Single Holy Pepperoni Pizza

  I’ve only had Screamin’ Sicilian frozen pizza once before, a few years ago, and it was what cheesy fat kid dreams are made of. But because that one Screamin’ Sicilian pizza was SO indulgent, since then I’ve been limiting Read more…

Oath Craft Pizza – South Station, Boston, MA

Oath Craft Pizza originated on Nantucket, but their first Boston area location was a stand in South Station. They’ve since expanded further to more traditional restaurant locations in Davis Square and Chestnut Hill, but since I live down on the Read more…

Precinct Kitchen + Bar – Back Bay, Boston, MA

On a recent date night, we decided to try out Precinct Kitchen + Bar in the Back Bay. They’re located inside of the Lowes Hotel and have a cool industrial theme. Precinct has the bar & sit-down dining separated, so Read more…

Pepperoni Power Rankings

Pepperoni is literally ranked as America’s favorite pizza topping, and for good reason. They’re spicy and greasy and absolutely delicious. However, not all types of pepperoni are created equal.

Johnny’s Pizza & Subs – Dorchester, Boston, MA

Johnny’s Pizza & Subs in Dorchester, across from the Ashmont T stop, is certainly catering to people who want fast, cheap pizza.

Digiorno Rising Crust Pepperoni Pizza

Digiorno is arguably the king of frozen pizzas. “It’s not delivery, it’s Digiorno” is a part of our pop culture lexicon. Digiorno’s classic rising crust pizza is like your favorite college sweatshirt – comforting, no frills, and reliable. The crust Read more…

Celeste Pepperoni Pizza For One

Long overdue, here’s a review of Celeste Pizza: everyone’s favorite $1 frozen pizza.

Stop and Shop Ready to Bake Pepperoni Pizza

It was Sunday and we needed football snacks, so to Stop & Shop we went. My first instinct was to buy the cheapest store brand pizza there was. Then, the thought “Why not treat yo self?” popped into my head. I Read more…

Bravo Pizza – Allston, Boston, MA

It’s about time I show some love for pizza that’s actually in my current neighborhood, Allston. My boyfriend and I ordered this on New Year’s Eve as a pre-party snack. The reviews were pretty good and they’re 5 minutes away Read more…