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She came, she ate, she conquered.

Giordano’s – Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL


Being in Chicago, the most important stop was naturally Wrigley Field for a Cubs game. This pizza was $7.50 or something like that- nothing crazy by ballpark standards. After being a little underwhelmed by Lou Mal’s earlier in the day, my expectations weren’t very high. 

The Giordano’s stand out in the bleachers only had cheese and sausage pizzas, so I went with the cheese. It was just the Chicago deep dish crust, cheese, and congealed sauce. The sauce kinda blew so I ended up just pushing it off after the first slice. I’m not 100% sure on this, but it tasted like there was some ricotta on the pizza. The crust was okay. It actually just tasted more like lasagna than pizza so there ya go. I’m sure the concessions version of this pizza is the worst version possible, but that’s what I got. Poor showing. I think I actually prefer the Papa Gino’s at Fenway.


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