Pizza Blonde

She came, she ate, she conquered.

Lou Malnati’s – South Loop, Chicago, IL


After going to the Kentucky Derby, our next stop on the road trip was two days in Chicago. Before checking into our hotel or anything like that, we stopped at Lou Malnati’s for some pizza. 

My first impressions were that the cheese was very chewy. I ate my first slice with a fork and knife while the pizza congealed / cooled off. The tomatoes were yummy- soft and tasty. I usually dislike tomato chunks on pizza, but this is the first place besides Pepe’s where I genuinely liked them. In fact, I’d say they do the tomatoes better than Pepe’s. The crust was thinner than I expected. Before this meal, my experience with Chicago style pizza was limited to UNOs, so that was what I was anticipating. The crust still had a pan shape and was buttery while being pretty crisp. The cheese, sauce, and pepperoni all came together nicely as toppings, although I wish there had been more pepperoni. The bites without tomatoes on them were on the bland side.

As the meal went on, I noticed the sweet taste of the crust more and more. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a fan… I’m not sure if the sweetness is a traditional aspect to the pizza that maybe I’d appreciate if I had grown up with it, but I wasn’t a fan. The cheese congealed quickly. The pepperoni and cheese were okay, but the tomato sauce was the real standout.


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