Rao’s Homemade Roasted Garlic Sauce, A Love Letter

Dear Rao’s Roasted Garlic Sauce,

Every now and then, when I’m browsing the aisles of my local grocery store, an item I’ve never had before is on sale and catches my eye. I don’t remember exactly when it was that I first tasted you, but I do know that it changed my life for the better. I read the ingredients list and was sold by its simplicity and most importantly, its inclusion of roasted garlic. Usually you’re too expensive for my budget at almost $10 per jar, but when I saw you on sale for half of that, I made the fateful decision to make an exception.

Rao’s, you taste amazing.  I prefer you poured over spaghetti, but any other pasta works because you are the star of the show. You’re made up of delicious tomatoes (with some soft larger pieces that remind me of Frank Pepe’s pizza sauce), whole pieces of basil, and those classic chunks of perfect roasted garlic. I make pasta at home so that I have an excuse to eat you. I’ve never been to your namesake restaurants, but I don’t think I’m really missing out that much. Thank you for giving the world access to what I’m convinced is your secret ingredient. The crazy girl buying 4 jars of pasta sauce at a time? That’s me, every few months when you go on sale. Never change.


Pizza Blonde

Antonio’s Pizzeria – Dorchester, Boston, MA

antonio's pizzeria pizza dorchester boston

Halfway through another Sunday well spent watching the Patriots win, we needed some pizza to balance out the beers we consumed. My boyfriend was really in the mood for what we affectionately call garbage pizza, so we went through the options. Pizza Hut was too far. I don’t like Papa Gino’s. Domino’s was closed for some reason. Garbage pizza just wasn’t in the cards, so we decided to be better people and try out another neighborhood pizza place – Antonio’s Pizzeria.  Continue reading

Galleria Umberto – North End, Boston, MA


This place gets a lot of hype in Boston and has a reputation of one of the best pizzas- in fact, they were Boston Magazine’s top pick this year. My boyfriend & I arrived around 11:30 on a Saturday morning, and had to wait in line for maybe 20 minutes. Galleria Umberto’s deal is that they open at 11, and close when they run out of pizza. At least the pizza is always fresh! The line only got longer as it got later in the day- by the time we left, it was going out the door. One plus is that it’s cheap (but cash only)- my boyfriend and I got 8 slices, an arancini & panzarotti, and a drink for under $20.  Continue reading

Di Fara Pizza – Brooklyn, NY



In celebration of my 23rd birthday, my boyfriend and I went to NYC for a quick little weekend getaway. It was a great little vacation- one of my bf’s friends very generously offered to let us stay in his Brooklyn apartment, and we made a couple of excursions into the city to see some sights and eat a lot of great food.

After sleeping in, we drove over to Di Fara’s and got there around 10:45 on Saturday morning. Continue reading

Red Baron Rising Crust Pepperoni Pizza


Red Baron’s Rising Crust Pepperoni Pizza was a mixed bag for sure. It’s getting close to my two month period of eating healthier (less pizza) while I train for my first 10k race, so this week has kind of been a last hurrah. So, when I saw this on sale for $3.33, I thought “Why not?” LOL side note: I just looked up the nutritional info, and the instructions clearly state “DO NOT THAW.” Guess whose pizza thawed while I came to realize that our oven wasn’t working? (Me.) So, take my review with a grain of salt, and note that this is the result of completely butchering the cooking process.

Continue reading

Matchbox – Capitol Hill, Washington, DC

I was visiting friends in DC, and we were going to go to a different place for lunch that ended up being packed. This just happened to be the next place we came across, and what do you know, they had pizza. The service here was AMAZING, perfectly catering to our slightly hungover state. Our booth was Shakira themed. There were outlets under the table. This place really came through in the clutch.  Continue reading

Figs – Beacon Hill, Boston, MA


Todd English owns this restaurant. Beacon Hill is so cute so the place def gets points for that. I do hear that the Charlestown location is better.

Pretty small restaurant but still cute inside. We came right after work on a summer day and didn’t have a problem getting a table without a reservation. Anyway, in regards to the pizza, I was completely underwhelmed. It didn’t really have a taste besides some spice from the pepperoni. Everything was just so bland… and the crust was paper thin. and just completely soaked in grease. Think of your typical neighborhood thin crust pizza slice, and divide the crust’s thickness in half. This pizza reminded me of when I’m trying to eat healthy and make a homemade pizza using a tortilla as the crust. Spoiler alert: that sucks. Cutting this pizza into squares made it taste better for whatever reason.

Website: www.toddenglishfigs.com

Tony’s Pizzeria Style Pepperoni Pizza


First thing- good for them for getting tonys.com. How many people do you think type that URL in, hoping to get info on the Tony awards, only to be greeted by a low budget pizza brand? Hilarious. Second thing- lots of complaints about Tony’s new “Pizzeria Style” on the Facebook page. Lots of complaints. I haven’t had it in a while, so we’ll see how this goes. According to the story page on their website, (yeah, I do my research,)  this “new” recipe is actually an OG throwback to how the pizza was when it was from an actual restaurant, and not on sale 2 for 1 at Star Market.

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