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Red Baron Rising Crust Pepperoni Pizza


Red Baron’s Rising Crust Pepperoni Pizza was a mixed bag for sure. It’s getting close to my two month period of eating healthier (less pizza) while I train for my first 10k race, so this week has kind of been a last hurrah. So, when I saw this on sale for $3.33, I thought “Why not?” LOL side note: I just looked up the nutritional info, and the instructions clearly state “DO NOT THAW.” Guess whose pizza thawed while I came to realize that our oven wasn’t working? (Me.) So, take my review with a grain of salt, and note that this is the result of completely butchering the cooking process.

This pizza looks terrible. Thankfully, it tastes better than it looks. The fact that I cooked it in a toaster oven, cut in half, might have something to do with the appearance, but whatever. YOLO right? The crust, for one advertised as “rising”, only fluffed up on the handle part. The actual part with toppings on it was super flat. Just weird. I mean, generally thin crust is thin crust, and a greek, rising type crust is its own thing… not a literal combination of both. The thin part had no taste but the fluffy part was pretty good, kinda doughy but light.The sauce was sweet and tasted a lot like tomato paste, which it probably is. The cheese is standard mozzarella and tasted fine, but there wasn’t enough for my liking. The pepperoni are thin, standard size, and they didn’t cheap out on them, but they could have been spicier. They just weren’t enough to boost the rest of the pizza. All things considered, this pizza wasn’t offensive tasting, but it wasn’t great either. Basically just like Freschetta rising crust pizza, except not as good. Would not eat again unless I was broke and it was on sale, for sure never at full price.


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