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Totino’s Pepperoni Party Pizza

I looooove Totino’s party pizzas! Believe it or not I never tried them until senior year of high school. I’d get them because they cost like a dollar at Walmart, but they’re bigger than the comparably priced Celeste. You get way more than you pay for with this gem.

Literally up until 2014 I had been cooking it on aluminum foil on a pan, which I do out of habit with most smaller frozen pizzas. Apparently this is wrong. Whatever. Their twitter account suggested that I cook it just on the pan, so I did, but the only difference was that I then had little bits of crust stuck to the pan instead of to a piece of aluminum foil. The crust has always been crispy and buttery, if they would just grease it up a little bit so it didn’t stick to cooking surfaces, it’d be even better. My solution to the baking issue has just been to spray the aluminum foil with vegetable oil spray.

Totino’s sauce is light & kinda tangy. Their cheese tastes pretty gooey but it does that thing where it doesn’t really melt into one coherent sheet of cheese. Last but not least, they pile on the square pepperonis like their reputation depends on it. In my mind, I guess it does- they’re what keeps me coming back for more. All in all, these are a great value.


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