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Posto – Davis Square, Somerville, MA



Last Friday, after following Posto on instagram for a while, I was finally able to try their pizza out. When my friend & I arrived around 6:30, having made last minute plans to grab dinner, we were a little shocked to hear that there wasn’t a table available until 9. Not having bothered to make reservations, we grabbed some seats in the “lounge” area, a shared table up front near the bar. It wasn’t ideal seating, but perfectly fine for a casual dinner. The interior of this place is super cute and would be great for a date. The lights were dim and there were lots of candles and a touch of fall themed decor… definitely a romantic vibe. The pizzas all tasted great and I plan on going back with my boyfriend for a date so that he can taste it all fresh. 

margherita & meatball pizza

We ended up able to try a few different things on the menu, ensuring that we had plenty of leftovers. The meatballs were great- pork, veal, and beef, with some mozzerella melted on top along with pomodoro sauce. There were some big chunks of onions in the sauce that I didn’t love, but the meatballs themselves were great. We also tried their bread, which is the same as what they use for the pizza crust. It was fluffy and you could really taste the sea salt and rosemary. I ended up reheating the rest of mine later that night at home, where unfortunately it became a little crumbly. Maybe because I used a toaster oven and not a wood fired oven?

We tried 3 different pizzas- half Margherita & half Meatball for one pizza, and had a full “Calabrese” aka pepperoni pizza. My first impression overall was that the sauce was sooooo good. They definitely use quality tomatoes. The sauce was sweet and warm and mmm it might be the part that I crave most after everything. They use fresh mozzarella and throw on little chunks of it. Normally this is annoying to me because I want as much cheese coverage as possible, but again, the sauce was so good I didn’t care at all. The crust is also great, mostly thin but with thick & chewy edges, Neapolitan style. It does get a little floppy towards the middle so be careful that you don’t lose any toppings. One pizza is definitely enough for two people to share, but not big enough to have leftovers.

The Meatball pizza had the same meatballs as the app, along with oregano & big chunks of garlic. This pizza was good, but overall, my least favorite out of the three.  I’m not a big meatball/sausage pizza fan anyway so that’s probably why- I’d rather just eat the meatballs on their own. The Margherita was pretty standard but tasted good thanks to the quality ingredients- you can’t go wrong with mozzerella, their amazing sauce, and yummy basil. Taste-wise, it reminded me a lot of Di Fara‘s. The Calabrese / pepperoni pizza was my favorite because duh, it was basically the Margherita plus pepperoni and some parmesan. The pepperoni are actually probably my least favorite type- they’re big and thin sandwich-style slices, but the taste was great. They had a nice spice to them and actually weren’t too greasy. I didn’t even think of adding any crushed red pepper or anything, these pizzas were ready to be devoured as is.


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