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Pizza Guide: Fenway Park / Red Sox Games


fenway park red sox pizza
Papa Gino’s inside Fenway – RIP in peace


Fenway Park is one of my favorite places in Boston. Aside from my Fenway love being thanks to the Red Sox, I also went to Simmons College a few blocks away and worked at Fenway for a few years before I graduated. Needless to say, I’ve spent a LOT of time around the ballpark and kept a close eye on the many changes happening to the neighborhood and its pizza options.

With concession prices at a ridiculous level, grabbing some drinks and grub before going into Fenway is essential. The ownership has improved a lot of the concession food over the past few years (shout out to Tasty Burger!) but come on, everyone knows a pizza pregame beats standing in line once the game starts. If you ever find yourself at a Red Sox game or Fenway concert craving pizza instead of typical baseball food, this guide is for you.


Without further ado, here are my recommendations and advice regarding Fenway Park’s neighborhood pizza options. Instagram links included so you can get a better feel via the photos.

Regina Pizzeria 

On Boylston St across the street from Tasty Burger, near Gate D.

You can’t go wrong with Regina’s, one of Boston’s most beloved pizzas. They offer whole pies but also have a large assortment of slices, which are very reasonably priced. They also offer beer & wine. You order at the counter and tables are first come first serve. I’ve come here before a day game and had no problem grabbing a table & hanging out for a little while. Instagram

Max and Leo’s

On Brookline Ave, right next to Gate E.

This pizza is REALLY good. Max and Leo’s is probably my favorite pizza in the area. However, they also get REALLY busy before games. Try and get there at least 90 minutes before the game starts or else you’ll have to wait a while before you get a table. They have two huge bars but those also fill up very quickly. The pizza is coal fired and toppings are delicious. Kinda like New Haven style, but with their own spin on it. They have a good selection of beers but they aren’t the cheapest in the neighborhood. They don’t do slices here but the pizzas can be shared between 2-4 people depending how hungry you are. Instagram

Sal’s Pizza

On Brookline Ave, across from Game On and Gate E.

This is a smaller Sal’s location that I actually haven’t been to yet. They offer slices as well as whole pies, and serve a few beer options. Same as Regina’s, you order at a counter and tables are first come first serve. They used to have a location farther up the street (RIP) and while the pizza was good NY style, they tended to run out of the basic slices (cheese / pepperoni) in the rush before the game. That being said, the pizza is good, and slices are on the big side. They have a couple of locations throughout Boston. If anyone’s been to this new spot, let me know how it was! Instagram


Kilmarnock St. 5 blocks from Gate D.

Tapestry is definitely the most “foodie friendly” place on this list. Like, I would also go here for a fancy brunch, or bring people who love creative ingredient combos. They have a bunch of great Neapolitan style pizzas on the menu, a killer shaded patio, and very cool vibe. My favorite though? Definitely the Detroit style slices – there’s nothing else like them in Boston.  Instagram


On Boylston Street between Sweet Caroline’s and Bradley’s Liquors. Close to Gate B.

This is a Domino’s – you know what you’re getting. Not exactly a great place for dining & drinks before the game (it’s a take out spot and obviously, no drinks.) However, it’s cheap, and if you need drunk pizza at the end of the night, they’ll be there for you. Instagram


In Kenmore Square attached to the Hotel Buckminster.

As far as chain sit down pizza goes, Uno’s is a better option before baseball games than the Bertucci’s across the street. If you’re craving deep dish, this is the place to get it. There’s definitely a bar vibe, so you won’t have to feel like a degenerate if you’re trying to get a buzz going. Pizza skins are also a plus. Don’t come near Uno’s if you’re on a diet. This is a decent place to go if you want to avoid the crowds everywhere else and have realistic expectations. Instagram

Hope this helps. Let me know what you guys decide on, and tag me in your Fenway instagrams at @pizzablonde!

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