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Monopoly Pizza Is A Delicious Twist On The Classic Board Game

Disclosure: Hasbro sent me this product for free for me to try because I love pizza as much as they do. All photos & words reflect my own personal experience.

It only took 83 years after the original board game came out, but Monopoly Pizza is here to fill the void in pizza lovers’ lives. Monopoly Pizza’s twist on the classic game is that instead of collecting real estate, you’re collecting pizza toppings!

Each topping on the Monopoly Pizza board is assigned a color, with two toppings in each color set. The most expensive pizza topping on the board? Pepperoni. The cheapest? Mac & cheese, but pineapple is also pretty inexpensive. (Shots fired, Hawaiian pizza fans.)


The six Monopoly Pizza game pieces are a pizza chef, cheese shaker, delivery bike, pizza on a paddle, a cheese grater, and a slicer. The way to win is to collect the most “pizza slices.”

Each pizza topping from the board that you buy is worth a certain amount of slices, on top of the money that the other players have to pay you “for a slice” if they land on it. Throughout the game, you also collect pizza tokens that either add or subtract from your slice total.

I’m not a hardcore Monopoly player or anything, so it took me a little while to get the hang of the game. My advice for players is to definitely try to buy pizza toppings early. My fiancé was able to accumulate a bunch of toppings early and ended up kicking my butt.

Obviously, this version of the classic game is the perfect gift for the pizza lover in your life. Order Monopoly Pizza on Amazon today!

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