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Fire Works Pizza – Courthouse, Arlington, VA


A few weekends ago my best friend & I went down to DC to visit our other best friends who are there for grad school & big girl jobs. We had some extra vacation days so why not?! Girls weekend! So, Fire Works Pizza was actually technically in Arlington, VA, and the first place my friends & I went after our arrival at DCA. We ate on their patio which was super cute and looked like it would be romantic at night… covered, with Christmas lights and whatnot. They had a lunch deal- $8 or so for a small pizza and side salad. Did I eat the salad? Of course not. It was a standard  boring Caesar side salad. Thanks but no thanks. 

This pizza was pretty decent, especially straight off of a plane when you’re starving. Not super cheesy but seemed like quality mozzerella, the sauce was kind of tangy, and as you can see, the pepperoni were big and thin. Honestly the pepperonis are the complete opposite of the kind I like. Gimme small, thick, and burnt pieces of pepperoni any day and I’ll eat them like they’re potato chips. The crust was above average, but not by much. Great end pieces, but not an outstanding taste or anything.

On its own, this pizza is a 5/10 in my opinion. Not amazing, but not bad at all. However, with ample Parmesan shaky cheese and crushed red pepper, the score goes up to a 5.5. There was enough grease to get the toppings to stick well. The pizza was def on the small side, but probably fine for most people, especially as a lunch option with the little salad they give you.


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