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Chuck E. Cheese’s Is Caught In A Real Life Pizzagate

Photo credit: Shane Dawson / YouTube

I’m not big into YouTube, so it wasn’t until a friend “liked” @PineyMcKnuckle’s tweet below that I caught wind of the hottest conspiracy theory of 2019:


Shane Dawson, a YouTuber who specializes in videos that I would definitely not be naturally inclined to watch, proposed that Chuck E. Cheese’s saves leftover pizza slices until they have enough to put together a “new” pizza and re-serve it to unsuspecting customers.

Gross? 100%. Plausible? I guess, after you look at enough photos of Chuck E. Cheese pizzas with mismatched slices.

While it took a while for Chuck E. Cheese’s to come out with a statement, they eventually debunked the conspiracy theory by telling BuzzFeed News: “No conspiracies here – our pizzas are made to order and we prepare our dough fresh in restaurant, which means that they’re not always perfectly uniform in shape, but always delicious.”

On top of the statement to BuzzFeed News, Twitter is blowing up with current and former Chuck E. Cheese employees who say that from first-hand experience, the conspiracy theory is false.



Having worked in a restaurant myself over the past few years, I can confirm that leftover food ends up in one of two places – snacked on by staff, or straight into the garbage.

While this edition of #pizzagate is almost as ridiculous as the original, at least it’s ridiculous in a fun way. Let’s be real, 4 year olds are just happy to have pizza in front of them, mis-matched or not.

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