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Spukies’n Pizza – Dorchester, MA


Grubhub roulette can be kind of scary, especially in Dorchester. Let’s just say that in my neck of the woods in Ashmont there are a lot of delivery restaurants that aren’t super well marketed, with very mixed reviews. Grubhub was running a great promo over the weekend, so we decided to take a shot on Spukies’n Pizza in Lower Mills for dinner. I actually pass them on a regular basis on my runs, but we usually just order Pat’s, which is maybe two blocks closer to our house. After our experience with Spukies’n Pizza, we’ve got a solid new option!

A large 16″ pepperoni pizza was just $12, so they got points right off of the bat for that… The delivery fee was something like $2- no biggie there, and the delivery time given was accurate. The crust was thin with a thicker handle, and was soft and chewy through and through, but not at all in an undercooked way. The sauce was lightly applied and understated, with maybe a little spice to it. The amount of cheese was pretty generous, but they didn’t go overboard. It was kinda chewy and tasted similar to Digiorno’s, but in the best way possible. The pepperonis were also a good portion, with a thin cut that yielded a good amount of grease. This pizza probably isn’t made with top shelf high quality ingredients, but it all came together to create a solid slice that reminded me of the small town pizza places I had growing up. Eating this pizza made me perfectly content, but sadly it wasn’t as good when reheated the next day.


On the side, we got an order of buffalo chicken tenders. Unfortunately the Grubhub menu was a little misleading- it said that blue cheese and celery was included, but we received neither. Also, the buff sauce came on the side and we had to toss the tenders ourselves. Small detail, but it was just kinda like, c’mon guys… The tenders were also cold when they got here. This is in line with some of their Yelp reviews, which pretty much say that the pizza is good, but you’re taking a shot with their other menu items. The tenders were perfectly edible, but nothing we couldn’t have thrown together at home with frozen chicken and Frank’s hot sauce.

Good price, good value for the money, would order again.


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