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Domino’s Buffalo Chicken Pizza – Mattapan, Boston, MA



UPDATE: As of 9/19/16, this Domino’s location is closed.

I was hungry, stuck home waiting for an IKEA delivery, and on a mission to find a good buff chicken pizza that would deliver to my apartment. Unfortunately, the choices are pretty slim, so I ended up giving my new local Domino’s a shot. After ordering, I went onto their Yelp page and was pretty discouraged to see multiple reviews about how terrible their delivery was- people were saying it took them 2 hours to get a pizza. Womp womp. After preparing myself for the worst, I was pleasantly surprised when it took literally a half hour for the pizza to get delivered. Granted, it was around 6 on a Saturday, but that’s a pretty good delivery time. So, points for that.

As far as the actual pizza, I was pretty let down. There wasn’t any sauce… is that a thing that Domino’s does with its buff chicken pizza? If so, that’s pretty silly seeing as they didn’t put any blue cheese or anything on either. I was promised mozzarella, provolone, AND cheddar cheese, but the amount of cheese on the pizza was pretty pathetic. I ended up trying to throw some of my own cheese on top and baking it more in the oven. The chicken tasted fine, because it didn’t really taste like anything… kinda like the pre-sliced chicken you can buy in store. Not breaded or anything. The hot sauce was thrown on the pizza and baked dry during the cooking process. Again, I had to add more of my own.

This pizza wasn’t bad, it was just a huge disappointment. I’ll give this Domino’s another shot sometime, since the delivery time wasn’t horrible, but I definitely won’t be ordering the buff chicken pizza again.


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