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#NationalPizzaDay with Whole Foods Take and Bake Pizza

A hot take that many people have is that “food holidays” are silly and happen too often. I say, so what? Let us foodies live! February 9th is #NationalPizzaDay and to celebrate, I teamed up with Whole Foods to eat (and feature) their take and bake pizzas. These babies usually cost $12.99 for a large, but for #NationalPizzaDay will be on sale for $9.99! WHAT A DEAL!

These take and bake pizzas are available near the rest of their prepared dinners, convenient to grab for an easy and delicious meal! They come in a couple different topping combos, but in classic form I like to get the pepperoni pizzas and then customize them a little bit when I get home. I always get the large size because I’m a glutton, and you can never have too much pizza, right? While my boyfriend and I never shy away from big meals, the large is honestly bigger than the two of us could ever finish in one sitting. That’s cool though because, leftovers.

As far as a review of how the pizza tastes, here comes the pros and cons. The pepperoni & sauce are delicious – I’m actually a huge fan of Whole Foods pizza sauce in general, and they’re my go-to for using when I make pizzas at home. There’s a good amount of cheese on the pizza but in my opinion, it could have a little more wow factor. I feel this way about a lot of grocery store pizzas, and my solution is simple – a little extra shredded mozzarella, and a generous shake of grated parmesan goes on the pizza before I cook it. In the future, I’d love to add some ricotta and dried oregano to the pizza… I’ll be sure to update when I do!

The crust is the weakest link, but I think it’s due to the struggle of making take and bake pizzas work for everyone’s kitchens- it’s thin and doesn’t exactly have the same satisfying chew that you get with homemade pizza dough. Homemade dough involves a lot of time, tools, and precision though, and that’s not what I look for in a take and bake. I’m looking for the highest value, satisfaction, and ease ratio possible, and Whole Foods take and bake pizzas fit the bill.

Try Whole Foods take and bake pizza and let me know how you like them! Happy #NationalPizzaDay!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Whole Foods, but all opinions are my own and not influenced by Whole Foods or its affiliates in any way.

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