Pizza Blonde

She came, she ate, she conquered.

Tavolo – Dorchester, MA


Last night I grabbed dinner at Tavolo, which is super close to where I live. Everyone should be lucky enough to have a pizza restaurant that they can literally see from their apartment.  The Margherita pizza was good, and I ate 5 slices on an empty stomach, so the size is definitely shareable between two people. I could have gone for more cheese, and full pieces of basil instead of the shreds. However, the mozz and sauce were both obviously high quality, and the crust was thin without falling victim to the toppings. This pizza was still tasty when I had it for lunch today, heated up in the officer toaster oven. I’d like to have paid a few bucks less for what I got, but I’m definitely lucky to have a pizza place in the neighborhood that serves up something a little fancier than the usual takeout / delivery.

Tavolo also does more pasta / Italian dishes, which I think is where they really excel. Recommendation: their meatballs are awesome. We’ve gotten them for takeout just to throw on some spaghetti at home. $8 for 3 of them is a little pricey, just like the pizza, but trust me- you’ll feel good about getting them to treat yo self.


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