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Wegman’s Pepperoni Pizza By The Slice


Wegman’s is a grocery store based in NY that is famous for being huge and well-loved by upper middle-class people in the suburbs. A fact about Wegman’s that sometimes flies under the radar is that they have endless prepared food options, from sandwiches to Asian food to yes, pizza.

What I like about Wegman’s pizza is that it is a super quick and easy lunch option. 2 slices & a soda is $6 and more than enough to fill you up, and there are a variety of options. Wegman’s pizza sauce is on the sweet side and they include the tomato skins, but they’re cooked down enough that I don’t mind. The cheese is gooey and the pepperoni are super greasy.

Wegman’s pepperoni pizza is a slice that you definitely need to pat down with a napkin prior to eating. This thin crust, NY style slice is definitely best when it’s fresh out of the oven, but even if it’s a little stale, you can’t argue with the price.


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