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Target Market Pantry Pepperoni Pizza Review

target market pantry pepperoni frozen pizza

Target is a great place to stock up on frozen pizza because they carry a good variety of brands, some of which you don’t find in traditional grocery stores, and there’s always some on sale. Up until recently though, I’ve overlooked their store brand Market Pantry pepperoni pizza.

To be honest, I’ve always been a little turned off by the packaging and price. Market Pantry pepperoni pizzas are wrapped in plastic with paper and cardboard (a la Tombstone pizzas), and at less than $3 per pizza, they’re one of the cheapest frozen pizzas you can get. I love a good deal, but you also tend to get what you pay for.

So, did I get my money’s worth with Target’s Market Pantry pepperoni pizza? I’d say so. The crust was super thin, and had a soft bread-like consistency with no real taste to speak of. There was a good edge to edge cheese and sauce spread. On top of the usual round pepperoni slices, there was also a sprinkling of diced square pieces, and they were just greasy enough to feel indulgent but not gross. The sauce and cheese were non-offensive, but tasted like how you expect a frozen pizza to.

Market Pantry’s pepperoni pizza wasn’t great by any means, but it didn’t suck either. For less than $3, it definitely does the job for when you’re craving pizza and want it cheap, fast, and easy.

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