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Mystic Pizza Ultimate Pepperoni Frozen Pizza

mystic pizza frozen pizza

For years I’ve known that Mystic Pizza’s frozen pizzas aren’t great, but I never really counted them out. This last pizza, of the Ultimate Pepperoni variety, was the nail in the coffin. Let me explain.

Like most of these frozen pizza blogs start, I noticed that Mystic Pizza frozen pizza was on sale at the grocery store, so I picked one up. It was not good. The crust was like cardboard, the sauce had a weird, thick consistency, and the cheese was put on very very sparingly. The pepperoni were okay, but definitely not “ultimate”. All of the separate toppings didn’t mesh together remotely. It wasn’t a good showing at all. I believe I got it on sale for $4, and it wasn’t worth it. Somehow, I edited this photo so that Mystic Pizza’s frozen pizza looks ten times better than it did in real life.

Why have I not realized that Mystic Pizza’s frozen pizza is bad until now? Because it’s a staple of small neighborhood markets near most of my old apartments. You know, the kind that stocks up on sales at traditional grocery stores, then mark the prices up for the sake of convenience. Since they never actually sold a ton of these pizzas, whenever I got one, it was usually pretty close to the expiration date and frostbitten. I figured those were the reasons why the pizza always tasted sub-par. Unfortunately this last pizza, bought fresh at Roche Brothers, was just as bad. I can’t recommend it to anyone in good conscious.


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  • Being from the origin city where cheese pizza was conceived, Napoli and residing around many Italian pizzerias in Connecticut and NYC, as many others dwell in the same vicinity, why would anyone spend money on a frozen food? One could purchase a whole pizza for the price of a frozen. Mystic Pizza in mystic, Connecticut, was awful. I imagine that the frozen pizza must be horrible. The best pizza are the wood stove pizzas. Great article.

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