Sizzle Pie – Portland, OR

I recently got a chance to visit Portland, Oregon for a day with my friends! We drove down from Seattle, saw the beautiful Multnomah Falls, and then parked our car in downtown Portland. By this point, me and my squad were pretty hungry, so naturally I fired up Yelp to see if there were any pizza places nearby. As fate would have it, Sizzle Pie was just a few blocks away. Continue reading

Sonny’s Pub & Restaurant – Dorchester, Boston, MA *CLOSED*

UPDATE: As of 10/26, Sonny’s abruptly closed due to the owners selling. RIP Pizza Tuesday. Best wishes to the staff.

Sonny’s in Adams Village is famous (in my mind) for being the home of Pizza Tuesdays. What is Pizza Tuesday, you ask? It’s only the best deal around – $2.75 cheese pizzas (toppings are extra) & $2.75 draft beers every Tuesday. This is the absolute perfect spot to go hang out at the bar, watch some sports, and lose money playing Keno. Usually, cheap pizza isn’t great pizza, but Sonny’s is here to prove that notion wrong.  Continue reading

Pizza Around the World – Turkey’s Pide

In Turkey, their version of pizza is called pide (pronounced “pea-day.”) The Telegraph has a great article on the true Turkish version of pide, where they delve into the origins of pide: “Some say that the Ottomans ate a pide-like bread called tokalak, while others claim that the dish was invented in the Twenties as a way of eking out ingredients in war-torn Turkey. Most agree that pide originated in the Samsun area, possibly in the town of Bafra, and that it can be as simple as a sesame seed-sprinkled flat bread.”  Continue reading

Di Fara Pizza – Las Vegas, NV


Let me set the stage for this one. It’s midnight on a Thursday night, I just lost a bunch of money betting on the NFL season opener, and I need a serious pick me up. I remember that 2 blocks from where I’m staying in Las Vegas, there is supposedly a Di Fara Pizzeria at Caesar’s Palace. I cross the street to the Cosmopolitan, lose some more money playing my way through the casino, and eventually begin my hike to Caesar’s with vodka cranberry in hand. Stop to watch the Bellagio fountain show. Enter Caesar’s, then try to track down the pizza that I’m on this entire mission for in the first place. I finally find it and… wait what? It’s a take out stand in a brightly lit food court?

Continue reading

Pizza Around the World – Poland’s Zapiekanka

In Poland, zapiekanka is a street food that’s pretty similar to pizza and can be found in cities like Kraków and Warsaw. Traditionally, zapiekanka is served on half of a baguette with cheese, mushrooms, ketchup, and scallions. Depending on where you go, you can customize the toppings so that it’s like a more “traditional” pizza, like above. They’re very cheap and easy to eat on the go. Per wikipedia, zapiekanka originated in the 1970s and has recently made a comeback due to the millennial generation’s love for late night snacks after a night of partying. Sign me up!