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Tuscan Kitchen – Seaport, Boston, MA


The day after what might end up being Boston’s only snowstorm of the season, I braved the cold, parked on top of a pile of ice in the Seaport, and headed into Tuscan Kitchen for lunch. After scraping an inch of ice off of my fiancé and I’s cars, espresso martinis and this gorgeous charcuterie board were definitely in order.



The charcuterie board was absolutely beautiful and right up my alley. The sausages (genoa, soppressata, and hot soppressata) were really tasty and as a bonus, are made by Tuscan Kitchen themselves.

Tuscan Kitchen’s charcuterie plate also included paremesan, fontina, ricotta salata, and “burricotta”, a combination of burrata and ricotta that is also made in house. Rounding out the charcuterie plate was fig jam, mustard, a pool of honey, and a heap of prosciutto di parma.



Even though Tuscan Kitchen’s charcuterie plate was probably enough for a meal just on its own between the two of us, we soldiered on to some entrees. While I truly could have ordered all of Tuscan Kitchen’s pizzas because they all sound appetizing, I settled on two of them.

The margherita, pictured above, was a rustic take on the classic. I also ordered the fichi pizza, which added a rosemary twist to the classic pairing of proscuitto and figs.



The salsiccia panini was perfect for lunch, served on crusty bread that was crisp and crunchy on the outside and warm and soft on the inside. You can’t go wrong with the combination of italian sausage and roasted red peppers and onions, but the truffle fries on the side are a nice bonus too.

Tuscan Kitchen has locations in Boston’s Seaport, Burlington, MA, Salem, NH, and Portsmouth, NH.


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