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&pizza – Reagan Airport, Arlington VA

Since I was stranded at Reagan / DCA on my way out of Washington DC, I decided to head over to Terminal C and check out &pizza. You can customize your own pizza by picking toppings / sauce / ect, or just pick one of their specialties. I ordered the Maverick pizza, which came with mozzarella, tomato sauce, 39 day aged pepperoni, salami, Italian sausage, parmesan, and oregano oil. 

The crust was very thin and reminded me of a flatbread with some serious air bubbles. Mine seemed like it was overcooked a little, though the toppings came out well. The most room for improvement was for sure with the crust, though I get that the way they do it probably cuts down on prep & cooking time. There were generous amounts of meat, all of which tasted good and complimented each other. When they were first assembling my pizza, I thought there wouldn’t be enough cheese, but it turned out to be a perfect amount of mozzarella. I do wish that the parmesan cheese was grated instead of shredded. The oregano oil was a delicious and unique touch. All in all, &pizza is good stuff, especially when you consider that in my case it was airport food!


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