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King Arthur Flour Pizza Seasoning

king arthur flour pizza seasoning

This year for Christmas, my future mother-in-law gifted me a bunch of goodies from King Arthur Flour to help elevate my homemade pizza making. Since I had some soppressata left over from the holidays, I figured I’d make a quick pizza for lunch and try out my new King Arthur Flour pizza seasoning.

I arranged the pizza & baked it in the oven as per usual on my Baking Steel (also a gift from my mother-in-law!) Just before putting the pizza in the oven, I sprinkled the King Arthur Flour pizza seasoning generously on top of the pizza. It was super aromatic and made my kitchen smell delicious!

My hope for the King Arthur Flour pizza seasoning was that the oregano would really shine through and compliment the flavor of the soppressata, and it did. The crushed red pepper flakes added a little kick, and the pizza seasoning also had a bit of salt that was a nice surprise but in my opinion didn’t overpower the rest of the blend.

Although so far I’ve only used this pizza seasoning on top of a homemade pizza, it really has a great flavor that could be used for so many different things. It’d be perfect on top of garlic knots, mixed into pasta sauce, or if I’m feeling wild, mixed into some homemade pizza dough… stay tuned for that!

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