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Dr. Oetker Virtuoso Mozzarella & Pesto Pizza

dr oetker mozzarella and pesto frozen pizza

Confession: While I’m a lifelong proponent of eating frozen pizzas, I’ve never tried one from Dr. Oetker until recently. Honestly, I always thought that these pizzas looked like they sucked, but I grabbed this mozzarella and pesto frozen pizza on sale and was very pleasantly surprised! Dr. Oetker did a re-branding recently to bring their box design up to date with the times, and I guess I’m a sucker, because it worked on me.

Dr. Oetker’s frozen pizza has a pretty thin crust with a slight buttery taste. It doesn’t taste bad and it holds a decent crisp. The mozzarella and edam cheese is good and gets a nice browning on it. I could use a little more shredded cheese as well as a little more sauce. The sauce is more watery than thick, and could use some more of a kick to it. It’s a little underwhelming, but not a deal breaker. The pesto doesn’t have a huge in your face flavor but it’s pretty tasty regardless. The pizza originally had diced tomatoes on top, which I picked off because I hate them and have no shame.

One Dr. Oetker mozzarella and pesto frozen pizza is ~860 calories, which is right on the verge of being acceptable for one person to have as a large meal. For example, per the Pizza Blonde Workout Plan, I ate this after burning 500 calories on a run, so it was basically really only 360 calories. #science. The cooking instructions were accurate- 12 minutes in the oven and my pizza was good to go.  I do not recommend sharing this pizza with another person unless it’s part of a bigger spread- you’ll both probably be left hungry.


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