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Cape Cod Cafe Frozen Pizza Review

cape cod cafe frozen pizza

Cape Cod Cafe is an institution here in Massachusetts, where they’re famous for their bar pizzas. While their restaurant locations are a little far from Boston, down in Brockton, Bridgewater, Halifax, Easton, and Raynham, you can find their frozen bar pizzas in grocery stores all over the area! Usually you can always find the cheese frozen pizza, and that’s what I’ve always had.

The way I cook these is just like most other frozen pizzas: on the rack, at the temperature the instructions tell me to. The crust could get a little crispier in my opinion, but I’ve heard from others that grilling these frozen pizzas is the best way to make them. A little fancy, but I don’t doubt that it pays off.

The cheese that Cape Cod Cafe uses is cheddary (in true bar pizza fashion) with a slight browning, and is generously applied from edge to edge. I especially love the edges where the cheese has started to caramelize, and you’re reminded that you’re not eating any old frozen pizza.

Surprisingly, since I never ever say this about pizza, frozen or “fresh”, but the sauce on Cape Cod Cafe’s frozen pizza is spectacular. It’s got a rich flavor with a spicy kick to it, and is truly like unlike any sauce I’ve ever tasted on another frozen pizza. Usually, I add pepperoni or other toppings to my plain cheese frozen pizzas, but with Cape Cod Cafe, you really don’t need to!

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