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Windy City Pizza (Buffalo Chicken) – Dorchester, MA


This pizza was the bomb dot com. SERIOUSLY! I mean it. I’ve kind of taken a stand against Windy City over the last few months since I live less than a mile away (4 minute drive, per google maps) and they won’t deliver to my house. This is a lose-lose and I hope they reconsider their policy because it’s a shame our relationship can’t blossom to its full potential.

Over the weekend, we got a large buffalo chicken pizza ($11) and steak and cheese calzone for pick-up. I can’t speak for the calzone, but my boyfriend enjoyed it. The pizza was great. Crust was kind of thin and got weighed down by the abundance of toppings, but if that’s the biggest problem you have with a pizza, you’re usually still doing pretty good. Loads of cheese, including some blue cheese dressing drizzled on top. The chicken was breaded and already tossed in buffalo sauce, which is my favorite. It’s not a huge effort to go that extra step but I really really love it when people do. BONUS: The pizza came with a side of blue cheese. It wasn’t as good as Ken’s dressing IMO, but hey, I appreciate the gesture.

Per Yelp, the customer service can be hit or miss, but I haven’t personally had a bad experience. They offer a good value and pizza and let’s be honest, there isn’t an abundance of pizza places in this corner of Dot who do.


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