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Village Pizza of Wethersfield – Wethersfield, CT

village pizza wethersfield

If you grew up in Connecticut, you probably grew up on Greek pizza. It doesn’t get the same amount of hype as New Haven style pizza, but it’s got as much of a place in people’s hearts. Every town seems to have a Greek pizza restaurant, and it was all I wanted at every birthday party as mine of a kid. While I was in CT for a short visit last weekend, I made sure to swing by Village Pizza in Wethersfield to pick up some Greek pizza to bring home. It’s just not the same in Boston!

village pizza wethersfield

The outside of the restaurant is cute and has typical small CT town vibe. They’re blocked by the cars, but there were a few tables outside full of people enjoying the weather. It felt like June in February – a perfect day for pizza and a cold beer!

village pizza wethersfield

A large pepperoni pizza was $17 and came in a classic box complete with a bunch of tape keeping it shut. I couldn’t wait until I got home so I ripped the box open right away in order to check out the pizza. Village Pizza couldn’t have made a better Greek pizza if they tried. It had all of the classic features – an herby sauce, browned cheese with pepperonis buried underneath, and square cut slices. The crust was buttery, fluffy, and thick. I might be crazy for this one, but Greek pizza is the only kind of pizza I prefer reheated in the microwave vs the oven.

Overall, I loved Village Pizza of Wethersfield so much that I went and looked to see if there were any homes for sale in the area… not kidding.



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