Eat, Drink, Bachelor: Week 7 – Real Good Pizza

real good pizza

Boston just got another snowstorm, so with it being super gross out and having a work from home day, I wasn’t too keen on cooking a whole new meal. That’d involve going to the grocery store so noooo thanks. Thankfully though, I have a bunch of Real Good Pizzas in the fridge, and I’ve nailed the art of cooking them. It takes a little while, but I cook two of them in the oven for 18 minutes at 425 degrees, and then heat them up on the stove top for a few extra minutes. This makes sure that the crust (which is made of chicken!) is as close to resembling carbs as possible. Add some wine and a touch of garlic salt, and voilĂ  – I’m ready to snuggle on the couch and recap The Bachelor.

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Eat, Drink, Bachelor: Week 3 – Hot Italian Sausage & Ricotta Pizza


After cooking a few different things for weeks 1 & 2 of The Bachelor, I decided to get back to my pizza roots. Based on the assortment of food in my fridge, hot italian sausage and ricotta pizza was the winning recipe. All I needed to grab was the dough and ricotta, so this was both delicious AND kind of frugal. (I’m guilty of spending $40 in the name of cooking one meal because I needed to buy ALL of the ingredients.) Buckle up, grab a glass of Merlot, and keep reading for the recipe and Bachelor recap!

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Eat, Drink, Bachelor – Week 2 Recap: Steak Bites + Blue Cheese Butter

This week’s featured cooking attempt for week 2 of The Bachelor is a recipe from Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings cookbook that I’ve been wanting to try for a while – steak bites with blue cheese butter! You can find the recipe here, and read on for my actual experience making these. I’ll give you one spoiler: they tasted as good as this episode of The Bachelor was crazy.

chrissy teigen steak bites blue cheese butter

Will my steak bite expectations meet reality?

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Eat, Drink, Bachelor – Week 1 Recap: Buffalo Chicken Dip Mini Calzones

Welcome to a new Pizza Blonde series – Eat, Drink, Bachelor! I’ve been doing this for a few seasons, but now it’s time to make a blog out of it. Every Monday night I will drink wine, cook up a new recipe, watch The Bachelor, and recap the show and food for you. Why not, right? It’s my blog and I’ll do what I want.

To kick off Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor, I got cozy with some red wine and decided to wing it (pun not intended) making buffalo chicken dip mini calzones. They were supposed to be more like the little “bomb” food items you see in Tasty videos, but like I said, I was winging it and they ended up a little bit bigger. Ultimately it doesn’t matter because my mini buffalo chicken dip calzones were DELICIOUS.

Just in time for me to get the buffalo chicken dip mini calzones in the oven baking, the show started. First off – I hate how much time we spend on these little Bachelor alumni pow wows before every new season starts. I know all of the advice they want to give. I know Nick’s backstory. And Sean, don’t you have something better to do by now? Anyway, FOURTH TIME’S THE CHARM!

Spoilers ahead, duh.

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