Riddick’s House of Pizza – Dorchester, Boston MA



The first thing that stuck out to me was that the sauce looks and tastes like school cafeteria pizza sauce… just cheap, and kind of weird/fake tasting. Same with the crust, actually. It was kinda soft and chewy, but without any crunch anywhere. The crust was also sweet. I thought maybe I was crazy tasting that, but my boyfriend confirmed my suspicions. The cheese was also just obviously cheap mozzerella and blah. It didn’t melt together all the way, so you could still see & tell it was shredded. There also wasn’t enough on the pizza to start with. The pepperonis were just generic cheap kind. I feel bad saying it, but this pizza was just not good. Edible, yeah, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to order it ever again.

HOWEVER, that all being said… Continue reading

Sainsbury’s Frozen Pepperoni Pizza


Guest review by my friend Rachel who is in grad school over in London! Thanks for taking Pizza Blonde international. <3

This pizza from Sainsbury’s was solid for a cheap store brand, but I needed to add some garlic salt and pepper for extra taste. There was nothing notable about the crust. There was cheddar cheese mixed in with all of the regular mozzarella, which definitely improved the cheese overall. It gave it a more robust flavor. The sauce was tasty but not very present on the pizza. It was on the sweeter side, which was nice when balancing out the spice of the pepperoni. The two different sizes of pepperoni were perfect for optimal placement. They weren’t frozen to the cheese, so I was able to move them around and put the small pepperonis in the spaces between the larger pepperonis.

Website: www.sainsburys.co.uk

Galleria Umberto – North End, Boston, MA


This place gets a lot of hype in Boston and has a reputation of one of the best pizzas- in fact, they were Boston Magazine’s top pick this year. My boyfriend & I arrived around 11:30 on a Saturday morning, and had to wait in line for maybe 20 minutes. Galleria Umberto’s deal is that they open at 11, and close when they run out of pizza. At least the pizza is always fresh! The line only got longer as it got later in the day- by the time we left, it was going out the door. One plus is that it’s cheap (but cash only)- my boyfriend and I got 8 slices, an arancini & panzarotti, and a drink for under $20.  Continue reading

Crush Artisan Wood Fired Pizza – Financial District, Boston, MA


The crust was super thin and kind of tasteless. The end pieces had a good chew and crunch to them, but unfortunately our pizzas were for sure not cooked all the way in spots. On that same note, the sauce was good but executed poorly. It was made up of sweet, crushed tomatoes, but was just cold. The cheese was crumbled mozzerella pieces that tasted okay, but nothing special. Pretty much like anything you could get at a low-key pizza place. Basil was good but I’m not really sure how you could mess that up. The pepperoni were huge and thin, with kind of a weird smokey taste that I didn’t enjoy. Conveniently I had two slices with almost no pepperoni on them, which was helpful. The entire pizza was also super greasy.

Website: www.crushpizza.com

Coogan’s – Financial District, Boston, MA


Coogan’s, home of $1 Bud Lights and food that is pretty passable… You are a beacon of light for Boston’s post-grads who have big kid jobs along with big student loans and rent bills. Also, anybody who likes cheap beer. My friend and I ordered this pepperoni pizza the other day in the name of pizza science, but otherwise usually go for an appetizer or sandwich. The pizzas are actually my least favorite thing on their menu. Continue reading

Posto – Davis Square, Somerville, MA



Last Friday, after following Posto on instagram for a while, I was finally able to try their pizza out. When my friend & I arrived around 6:30, having made last minute plans to grab dinner, we were a little shocked to hear that there wasn’t a table available until 9. Not having bothered to make reservations, we grabbed some seats in the “lounge” area, a shared table up front near the bar. It wasn’t ideal seating, but perfectly fine for a casual dinner. The interior of this place is super cute and would be great for a date. The lights were dim and there were lots of candles and a touch of fall themed decor… definitely a romantic vibe. The pizzas all tasted great and I plan on going back with my boyfriend for a date so that he can taste it all fresh.  Continue reading

Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza – Courthouse, Arlington, VA


Our first day of girls’ weekend in DC, my friends and I decided to do a little bar crawl around Arlington while we waited to meet up with our other friends. A few hours in, we happened across Pete’s Pizza, who just happened to be giving away free pizza if you could make cornhole throws… unfortunately, only 1 of the 3 of us girls managed to hit the shot at that point. 1 free slice, 1 bought pizza, a metro ride & decent walk later, we landed at the Lincoln Memorial for a pizza picnic. Just my friends and I sitting on the grass, listening to the Forrest Gump soundtrack, drinking Bandit wine, and eating pizza… can’t go wrong with that. Continue reading