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Pizza Bagel Recipe

Don’t know how to make a pizza bagel? I’ll teach you! Pizza bagels are my favorite thing to make for a quick, easy, and hearty breakfast. I normally don’t chop the pepperoni or use olive oil, but if you’ve got Read more…

One Day in Naples, Italy

During my solo trip to Italy, my goal was to eat as much food as possible. If I saw historical stuff, that’d be an added bonus, but I just wanted to fill up on pizza, pasta, and everything else Italian Read more…

#NationalPizzaDay with Whole Foods Take and Bake Pizza

A hot take that many people have is that “food holidays” are silly and happen too often. I say, so what? Let us foodies live! February 9th is #NationalPizzaDay and to celebrate, I teamed up with Whole Foods to eat Read more…

Brownstone – Boston, MA

Recently I was invited to Brownstone, right near Back Bay station, to sample their menu. Little did I know that I was about to discover one of my favorite pizzas in Boston so far!

City Tap House – Boston, MA

City Tap House is a new restaurant in Fort Point that opened up right in time for the New Year. After attending their grand opening party, I knew I had to get back to try out their pizzas. When they invited Read more…

8 Dogs Who Celebrated National Pizza Day!

pizza dog frenchie thedailywalter

February 9th was National Pizza Day, but I don’t want the party to end. What’s better than a regular pizza party? A puppy pizza pawty. Duh! Here’s 8 dogs who live their pizza life to the fullest. 1- This frenchie Read more…

Brunch Pizza Recipe

curly fries brunch pizza

This week I made a bangin’ breakfast pizza out of my leftovers from Sunday brunch at Worden Hall. Curly fry lovers, this one’s for you.

Hot Italian Sausage & Ricotta Pizza Recipe

  Based on the assortment of food in my fridge this week, hot italian sausage and ricotta pizza was the winning recipe. All I needed to grab was the dough and ricotta, so this was both delicious AND kind of Read more…

Screamin’ Sicilian Bessie’s Revenge Pizza

Screamin Sicilian Bessie's revenge

Screamin’ Sicilian Bessie’s Revenge frozen pizza is like cheese pizza on crack. This pizza has five different kinds of cheese from Wisconsin – mozzarella, white cheddar, parmesan, romano, and buffalo mozzarella. They brand themselves as a frozen pizza company that goes Read more…

Big Mario’s Pizza – Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA

On my last night in Seattle, we wanted an easy dinner since my friends and I were flying back to Boston later on. Thankfully, Big Mario’s Pizza has a location in Capitol Hill where we were staying, so we ordered Read more…