Von Trapp Mad River Blue Cheese, A Love Letter

Dear Von Trapp Farmstead Mad River Blue Cheese,

Trying to write a love letter to cheese makes me feel a little bit like Forrest Gump. I may not be an educated smarty pants who knows how to adequately describe how cheese tastes, but I know what love is.

I know I like blue cheese in general. I get the store brand crumbles and throw it on my salads and into my buffalo chicken dip. I thoroughly enjoy pizzas with blue cheese on them – the more gorgonzola, the better! But the whole point of this blog post is you, Mad River Blue. The best blue cheese I’ve ever had.

I was browsing the cheese section of Roche Brothers, as always, and picked you up with a few other cheeses to try. I was drawn to you because I was craving blue cheese, and I’m a sucker for cheese from Vermont. Thank god I did because to me, you are perfect. Mad River Blue, you’ve got the perfect amount of salty blue cheese bite with a smooth texture that almost melts in my mouth. You’re not too intense but not boring either. It’s going to be a while before I get sick of you.

Please go on sale sometime so that I can stock up.


Pizza Blonde.

Lawry’s Garlic Salt, A Love Letter


Dear Lawry’s Garlic Salt,

I love you. You’ve got everything I need to make bad pizza taste good – salt, garlic, and paprika. You are the seasoning that makes cheesy bread taste extra cheesy. You pair well with red pepper flakes and above all else, parmesan cheese. You can go all over pizza, or just on the crust, but either way, you just make things better. You are a hero when it comes to making frozen pizza taste like real pizza. You’re the key to making garlic bread garlicky. You allow people who don’t know how to cook to make food that’s edible. Besides pizza, garlic bread, and cheesy bread, you even light up the lives of people eating steaks, burgers, chicken, and all sorts of meat. You help make vegetables not taste like garbage. I don’t think that there’s any food that you don’t taste good on – you are the little black dress of seasonings. Thank you for being you. To close, I’ll just quote an inspired Amazon review: “LAWRYS? MORE LIKE GOOD LAWDYS! THIS THE SPICE OF LIFE. GREAT ON EVERYTHING. THE HOLY SPIRIT OF SPICES, SPRINKLE SOME ON YOUR DISHES AND BAM! SALVATION! AMEN.”¬†Amen indeed.


Pizza Blonde