Pavia – Formaggio Pizza – Boston, MA

pavia formaggio slice

I’ve recently hit the 4 year mark at my office job here in Boston’s Financial District. We always get our office parties catered by Pavia, but other than those occasions, I really haven’t gone there very often. This might be one of my biggest regrets as a young professional. Their food is cheap, the portions are large, the lines are never too long, and they have a ton of options. 2017 goal: try more of their slices. On this particular Wednesday, I grabbed a Formaggio slice.

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Posto Mobile Soppressata Pizza – Boston, MA

Posto never fails to create pizzas that are prettier than I will ever be. Their brick & mortar location in Davis Square is a beautiful space but it’s pretty far from my apartment, so I thank my lucky stars that they have Posto Mobile bringing food to the Financial District every week. On this particular day, I had packed a salad for lunch and was dreading the thought of it. Once I scrolled through my instagram feed and landed on Posto Mobile’s photo announcing that they were at High St @ Greenway, it was a done deal. F the salad, I was treating myself to some good pizza instead.  Continue reading

Crush Artisan Wood Fired Pizza – Financial District, Boston, MA


The crust was super thin and kind of tasteless. The end pieces had a good chew and crunch to them, but unfortunately our pizzas were for sure not cooked all the way in spots. On that same note, the sauce was good but executed poorly. It was made up of sweet, crushed tomatoes, but was just cold. The cheese was crumbled mozzerella pieces that tasted okay, but nothing special. Pretty much like anything you could get at a low-key pizza place. Basil was good but I’m not really sure how you could mess that up. The pepperoni were huge and thin, with kind of a weird smokey taste that I didn’t enjoy. Conveniently I had two slices with almost no pepperoni on them, which was helpful. The entire pizza was also super greasy.


Coogan’s – Financial District, Boston, MA


Coogan’s, home of $1 Bud Lights and food that is pretty passable… You are a beacon of light for Boston’s post-grads who have big kid jobs along with big student loans and rent bills. Also, anybody who likes cheap beer. My friend and I ordered this pepperoni pizza the other day in the name of pizza science, but otherwise usually go for an appetizer or sandwich. The pizzas are actually my least favorite thing on their menu. Continue reading

Pavia – Financial District, Boston, MA


As some of you might have heard, today is Admin Professionals Appreciation Day (or something along those lines.) It was also someone’s birthday at work. SO WE ORDERED PIZZA FOR LUNCH! Unexpected free pizza is hard to mess up. We ordered some delivery from Pavia, who we’ve had cater parties before. They brought over the usual spread of pizzas, salad, and mini cannolis. I had a slice of pepperoni (duh.)  Continue reading