Lower Mills Tavern Breakfast Pizza – Dorchester, Boston, MA

Lower mills tavern Dorchester breakfast pizza

Does this breakfast pizza from Lower Mills Tavern look amazing or does it look amazing? Lower Mills Tavern opened up down the road from my apartment a few months ago, but I haven’t gathered up the motivation to go until this past New Year’s Eve. I had to go for a run, I didn’t want to run, so I got my boyfriend to agree to meet me at LMT at the end of said run. Pizza as a motivation to work out always does the trick.

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Sonny’s Pub & Restaurant – Dorchester, Boston, MA *CLOSED*

UPDATE: As of 10/26, Sonny’s abruptly closed due to the owners selling. RIP Pizza Tuesday. Best wishes to the staff.

Sonny’s in Adams Village is famous (in my mind) for being the home of Pizza Tuesdays. What is Pizza Tuesday, you ask? It’s only the best deal around – $2.75 cheese pizzas (toppings are extra) & $2.75 draft beers every Tuesday. This is the absolute perfect spot to go hang out at the bar, watch some sports, and lose money playing Keno. Usually, cheap pizza isn’t great pizza, but Sonny’s is here to prove that notion wrong.  Continue reading

Johnny’s Pizza & Subs – Dorchester, Boston, MA

Johnny’s Pizza & Subs in Dorchester, across from the Ashmont T stop, is certainly catering to people who want fast, cheap pizza. The interior is no frills – you order at a counter and there are a few tables to the side for if you’re not getting your food to go. Definitely don’t bring a date for dinner here. They don’t offer delivery, but you can call ahead for take-out. They’re also cash only and have an ATM inside. I’ve come to Johnny’s because it’s within walking distance of my apartment, and every once in a while I just want a quick bite and don’t want to pay and wait for delivery.  Continue reading

Antonio’s Pizzeria – Dorchester, Boston, MA

antonio's pizzeria pizza dorchester boston

Halfway through another Sunday well spent watching the Patriots win, we needed some pizza to balance out the beers we consumed. My boyfriend was really in the mood for what we affectionately call garbage pizza, so we went through the options. Pizza Hut was too far. I don’t like Papa Gino’s. Domino’s was closed for some reason. Garbage pizza just wasn’t in the cards, so we decided to be better people and try out another neighborhood pizza place – Antonio’s Pizzeria.  Continue reading

Spukies’n Pizza – Dorchester, MA


Grubhub roulette can be kind of scary, especially in Dorchester. Let’s just say that in my neck of the woods in Ashmont there are a lot of delivery restaurants that aren’t super well marketed, with very mixed reviews. Grubhub was running a great promo over the weekend, so we decided to take a shot on Spukies’n Pizza in Lower Mills for dinner. I actually pass them on a regular basis on my runs, but we usually just order Pat’s, which is maybe two blocks closer to our house. After our experience with Spukies’n Pizza, we’ve got a solid new option!

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Riddick’s House of Pizza – Dorchester, Boston MA



The first thing that stuck out to me was that the sauce looks and tastes like school cafeteria pizza sauce… just cheap, and kind of weird/fake tasting. Same with the crust, actually. It was kinda soft and chewy, but without any crunch anywhere. The crust was also sweet. I thought maybe I was crazy tasting that, but my boyfriend confirmed my suspicions. The cheese was also just obviously cheap mozzerella and blah. It didn’t melt together all the way, so you could still see & tell it was shredded. There also wasn’t enough on the pizza to start with. The pepperonis were just generic cheap kind. I feel bad saying it, but this pizza was just not good. Edible, yeah, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to order it ever again.

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