Village Pizza of Wethersfield – Wethersfield, CT

village pizza wethersfield

If you grew up in Connecticut, you probably grew up on Greek pizza. It doesn’t get the same amount of hype as New Haven style pizza, but it’s got as much of a place in people’s hearts. Every town seems to have a Greek pizza restaurant, and it was all I wanted at every birthday party as mine of a kid. While I was in CT for a short visit last weekend, I made sure to swing by Village Pizza in Wethersfield to pick up some Greek pizza to bring home. It’s just not the same in Boston!

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The Gold Standard – Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana


This is the epitome of a perfect pizza to me. The crust is thin, but firm, and slightly burned underneath. The sauce is a little chunky, but the tomatoes are delicious and almost melt in your mouth. The sauce is sweet and soft and just so delicious I am getting hungry thinking about it. I’m not even a sauce girl. The mozzarella is applied liberally. The pepperoni are thick cut and have a taste that is unrivaled by any other. Sometimes they’re a little burnt, sometimes they’re covered in cheese, sometimes they’re stacked, but 100% of the time, these pepperonis are the best you will ever have on a pizza. They cook the pizzas in a coal-fired brick oven that just adds that something extra.¬†Pepe’s, I love you.