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Stop and Shop Ready to Bake Pepperoni Pizza


It was Sunday and we needed football snacks, so to Stop & Shop we went. My first instinct was to buy the cheapest store brand pizza there was. Then, the thought “Why not treat yo self?” popped into my head. I got rid of the cheapo pizza and grabbed the ready to bake pepperoni pizza from the prepared foods section, ready to eat like a queen. 

This was a big pizza, the size being what would be considered an extra large at a place that makes real pizza. It cost $7.99, not on sale- not expensive, but definitely more than twice as much as I was going to pay. When it came out of the oven, it actually looked pretty good. I had expected the crust to rise, but it ended up being flat, and thinner that I thought. However, it was all downhill from there. This pizza was almost completely tasteless. When I took a bite, I could barely distinguish between the sauce, crust, cheese, and pepperonis. The cheese was the only thing with any taste, but that being said, it barely resembled cheese. The bite overall had the consistency of Elio’s, but again, just no taste.

This pizza was a HUGE disappointment, especially considering it’s supposed to be “fresh” and presumably better than a frozen pizza would be. You get a good amount of calories for your money, but unless you’re starving to death, just don’t bother with this.


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