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Coppersmith – South Boston, MA

coppersmith south boston

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of trying out the food at Coppersmith in South Boston. I’ve visited before in the past, but to be honest, I’ve only ever had drinks and street corn. While the street corn is definitely delicious, their menu has way more to offer than just bar snacks!

I tried two of their naan flatbreads – the blueberry and brie pictured above, and the pork sausage and manchengo pictured below. The blueberries, brie, and parsley oil flatbread were the star of the night for me. I loved how everything went together and that I honestly wouldn’t have ever thought to put blueberries on a flatbread. The pork sausage and manchengo flatbread was also good, but I think the toppings would have lended themselves better to a more “traditional” style pizza with more cheese and sauce. Both flatbreads were a little smaller than I expected them to be, so I’d recommend getting more than one if you’re sharing. The more flatbreads the merrier anyway, right?!

coppersmith south boston

Aside from the naan flatbreads, we also had meatballs as an app, and peanut butter pie for dessert. The meatballs were delicious and I loved having the bread to dip in the sauce. I was sold at the mention of “garlic sauce”, but what was most notable was how tender the meatballs were.

coppersmith south boston

coppersmith south boston

The peanut butter pie was also delicious and a great way to end the meal. I might be simplifying this too much, but it was like eating a giant Reese’s. I mean that in the best way possible and can’t wait to get back to Coppersmith and try out more of their menu! Baked goat cheese, I’ve got my eyes on you.


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