Celeste Pepperoni Pizza For One


Long overdue, here’s a review of Celeste Pizza: everyone’s favorite $1 frozen pizza.  The first thing you need to know is that they are very small. This pizza is not going to make you feel remotely full unless you eat two. The crust has a cracker-like texture, but is really soft and tastes kind of buttery. The sauce is spicy and is pretty good. Towards the edges of the crust, it tends to dry out. The cheese is its own animal- probably the cheapest kind you can get, and they don’t use a ton of it. I am very much a fan of the little square pepperonis. I prefer for them to be crispy though, and that can take a little while in the oven. On that note, definitely bake the pizza in the oven… I know it takes three times as long as the microwave, but the pizza comes out so much better. Just do it.


Website: www.celestepizza.com

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