Pavia – Formaggio Pizza – Boston, MA

pavia formaggio slice

I’ve recently hit the 4 year mark at my office job here in Boston’s Financial District. We always get our office parties catered by Pavia, but other than those occasions, I really haven’t gone there very often. This might be one of my biggest regrets as a young professional. Their food is cheap, the portions are large, the lines are never too long, and they have a ton of options. 2017 goal: try more of their slices. On this particular Wednesday, I grabbed a Formaggio slice.

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Lower Mills Tavern Breakfast Pizza – Dorchester, Boston, MA

Lower mills tavern Dorchester breakfast pizza

Does this breakfast pizza from Lower Mills Tavern look amazing or does it look amazing? Lower Mills Tavern opened up down the road from my apartment a few months ago, but I haven’t gathered up the motivation to go until this past New Year’s Eve. I had to go for a run, I didn’t want to run, so I got my boyfriend to agree to meet me at LMT at the end of said run. Pizza as a motivation to work out always does the trick.

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Posto Mobile Soppressata Pizza – Boston, MA

Posto never fails to create pizzas that are prettier than I will ever be. Their brick & mortar location in Davis Square is a beautiful space but it’s pretty far from my apartment, so I thank my lucky stars that they have Posto Mobile bringing food to the Financial District every week. On this particular day, I had packed a salad for lunch and was dreading the thought of it. Once I scrolled through my instagram feed and landed on Posto Mobile’s photo announcing that they were at High St @ Greenway, it was a done deal. F the salad, I was treating myself to some good pizza instead.  Continue reading

Granary Tavern – Boston, MA

It was a perfect October day- 80 degrees, sunny, and smack dab in the middle of the work week. Since we couldn’t blow off the office completely and spend the day at the beach, we chose the next best thing- going out for lunch. Unfortunately we weren’t able to snag a table on Granary Tavern’s patio (apparently everyone else had the same idea as we did,) but they gave us the next best thing and sat us inside but right next to the patio. I ordered a glass of rose and was flip flopping between ordering their burger or a flatbread. Spoiler alert: the flatbread won.  Continue reading

Oath Craft Pizza – South Station, Boston, MA

Oath Craft Pizza originated on Nantucket, but their first Boston area location was a stand in South Station. They’ve since expanded further to more traditional restaurant locations in Davis Square and Chestnut Hill, but since I live down on the southern end of the Red Line, South Station is still where I go. They specialize in pizza that is made pretty quickly with high quality ingredients, and their menu caters to your imagination. Traditionalists can order a cheese or pepperoni pizza, or one of the specialty combinations of toppings that Oath Craft has already perfected. If you’re like me and want to wing it, you can order a “Selfie” and pick whatever toppings you want.  Continue reading