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Bella Napoli Bambino Pepperoni Pizza (Trader Joe’s)

I love these little buggers. $3.99 gets you a package of 4 at Trader Joe’s. If you only eat one at a time, you’re probably a psycho.

Personally, I find that two of these pizzas hits the spot. I’ll usually buy two packages, call it a day, and have eaten all 8 within a week, but that’s me. Definitely a pizza that I can’t just set aside for a rainy day, because I will eat it way before then.

They’re pretty small pizzas, as you can see- two fit on an average sized dinner plate. The crust is thick considering their circumference, and is a good base for the toppings, just how I like my crust to be. It’s kind of doughy- definitely less chewy the longer you cook it and never flaky. The sauce is tangy & spicy, and generally is laid on generously. The cheese melts down really nicely, and is tasty, stringy, and chewy. The pepperonis are regularly sized, which means you probably will end up having to cut through them. I’m pretty sure they’re the same as the pepperoni Trader Joe’s sells in a package, but don’t quote me on that I guess. Probably due to their cheap price, the toppings can be a little inconsistent when it comes to how much you get, but only in a good way… I’ve never felt like I got cheated with a lack of sauce/cheese/pepperoni, but I have been like, “Oh cool, they must have accidentally put extra on.” I would even go so far as to say that I like these better than any other Trader Joe’s pizza I’ve had.


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