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Antonio’s Pizzeria – Dorchester, Boston, MA

antonio's pizzeria pizza dorchester boston

Halfway through another Sunday well spent watching the Patriots win, we needed some pizza to balance out the beers we consumed. My boyfriend was really in the mood for what we affectionately call garbage pizza, so we went through the options. Pizza Hut was too far. I don’t like Papa Gino’s. Domino’s was closed for some reason. Garbage pizza just wasn’t in the cards, so we decided to be better people and try out another neighborhood pizza place – Antonio’s Pizzeria. 

Antonio’s Pizzeria is in the Fields Corner neighborhood of Dorchester, right near the T stop. Up until about a year ago they were known as Hi-Fi Pizza Pie. The yelp reviews were pretty promising, and what stuck out most to me was that almost everybody mentioned that the people who run Antonio’s are friendly and really care about their service and the food they’re putting out there. It makes me happy to support anybody who puts love into their pizza. They’re on grubhub but with a pretty hefty delivery fee and minimum, so I picked up the phone and called to order like in the old days. They quoted 45 minutes, which we figured was fair enough on a Sunday, and we were very pleasantly surprised when the pizza came literally 30 min later.

As for the pizza itself, it’s what I would call comfort pizza. It tastes like how watching a Netflix marathon in bed feels. The hand tossed, Italian style crust is very chewy, but doesn’t have a ton of taste to it. It was minimally floppy and held up the toppings. There was a decent amount of cheese on the pizza but I think that it’d benefit from having a more. That’s okay, that’s why extra cheese is an option. The pepperonis crisped up a little and didn’t overload the pizza with grease. There seemed to be more sauce as you got farther out from the middle of the pizza, and it was sweet with a hint of spice at the same time. This was a good, solid pizza, and I’m really glad to have them as a neighbor.

Website: Antonio’s Pizzeria


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