8 Dogs Who Celebrated National Pizza Day!

February 9th was National Pizza Day, but I don’t want the party to end. What’s better than a regular pizza party? A puppy pizza pawty. Duh! Here’s 8 dogs who live their pizza life to the fullest.

1- This frenchie who knows the rules.  (One bite!)

pizza dog frenchie thedailywalter

Instagram: @thedailywalter

2. Classic trick, if you take little bites, the pizza lasts longer.

pizza dog phat_bonzo

Instagram: @phat_bonzo

3. Complete bliss = achieved.

pizza dog felcana

Instagram: @felcana

4. This pup must be sad that he’s on the last slice. 🙁

pizza dog karolinaforyt

Instagram: @karolinaforyt

5. Look at this pup’s pizza talent! 

pizza dog jasperpizza

Instagram: @jasperpizza

6. This dog was a good boy so he get meatballs on his pizza!

pizza dog thebuckeyegoldens

Instagram: @thebuckeyegoldens


pizza dog mochachinno_

Instagram: @mochachinno_

8. This little guy is clearly living a life of luxury.

pizza dog emeraldwaters

Instagram: @emeraldwaters

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